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  • How can the this program help overcome boredom and lack of purpose?
    Lack of purpose or direction in retirement, usually appearing as boredom, is generally caused by not having a worthwhile goal to work towards. People need to have something to to focus on to be happy. The size of the goal doesn't matter. It can be small, like cleaning out the garage, or big, like starting up a new business. What this program does is to help you find that goal, and guide, and support, you in all the steps necessary to achieve it.
  • How does this program work?
    First, we uncover "why" you want to do an online business and the type of business that best suits your goals and character. Next, we outline the "stuff" you need for your type of business. This includes the "tech" you might need, whether or not you need a web site, and how to identify your prospective customers and how to communicate with them. Then, for those who need their own web site, we cover what you need in a web site and how to set it up. This is followed by how to tackle the "Social Media Swamp". Using social media can be extremely confusing both in deciding which platform to use and how to talk the jargon. We cover the main platforms for both topics so you can decide which ones are the best for you. Next, we cover the topic most people need the most guidance on - Marketing and Sales. We discuss the difference between the two and the goals of each. Then, we cover some of the "tech" needed for good marketing and how to make your business stand out. And finally, for this section, we discuss how to set up an effective sales campaign. In the last module, we discuss what you should be aware of for Tax and Legal Compliance. Depending on where you live and where your customers are, there may be things you need to do to legally sell your products and/or services. In addition, we provide a brief item on whether or not you require insurance. Since the program is self-paced, you can do the modules in any order and take as long as you want to complete them. Additionally, for the first six months, we provide email support for specific questions.
  • How long is the program?
    The coaching is normally done over 7 weeks, and is broken down in the following sections: Part 1: Getting Part 2: What You Need Part 3: Web Page Design Part 4: The Social Media Swamp Part 5: Marketing and Sales Part 6: Taxes and Legal Compliance Plus 3 months of email coaching to help you get to your goal. Please see the Program Outline page for a full description of what is covered.
  • What sort of guarantee do you offer?
    If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course, I give an unconditional money back guarantee within the first 14 days.
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