The 3-Part Program
To a Successful Retirement

Part 1: Getting To Know Yourself (2 weeks)

In this section, we examine who you are in terms of what dreams you have, what your life purpose may be, what you’re currently missing out of life, what you feel is stopping you, and where you ultimately want to be.

I provide tools, exercises, and coaching to help you understand who you are now that you’re retired.


By the end of this module, you’ll

-   learn who the major influencers were in your life and what they influenced you to do

-   discover the roles you currently play, and have played, in life and why you took on those roles

-   uncover the dreams you had as a child that you can still go after

-   list the goals you still want to achieve in life

-   discover what personality type you are and learn how the characteristics of that type can help you to fulfill your goals




Part 2A: Discovering Why You’re Holding Yourself Back (1 week)

In reality, the only thing holding you back is hidden beliefs. In this section, we’ll cover where those hidden beliefs come from, how to identify them, and how to change them.

Again, there will be tools, exercises, and coaching to help you identify your hidden beliefs, determine if they are still valid, and provide ways of changing them.


By the end of this module, you’ll

-   learn the two different types of beliefs

-   discover where each type of belief comes from

-   uncover why your beliefs can be hidden from you

-   identify the beliefs that are holding you back

-   practice a simple technique of finding your hidden beliefs

-   learn four different methods of changing a limiting belief




Part 2B: All Those Bad Habits (1 week)

You may have identified your hidden limiting beliefs, but if you’re finding it hard to change them or move forward, the reason is that you have habits that support those beliefs and, like all bad habits, these need to be changed too. Here, we’ll examine where habits come from, identify your limiting habits, discover what triggers them, and help you adopt strategies to avoid the triggers or change your response to them.

Once more, tools, exercises, and coaching will be provided to dig deep into those habits, so you become more aware of how they are running your life.


By the end of this module, you’ll

-   learn why we have habits

-   discover how habits are formed

-   uncover why habits always begin as good but can become bad

-   understand the three-part structure of a habit and how knowing that will help you change a bad habit

-   discover how your mind really processes a habit and why that makes it so hard to change a habit

-   practice identifying your limiting habits

-   practice changing limiting habits




Part 3A: Moving Forward (1 week)

By this point, you have the tools and skills to overcome any self-generated obstacles that may arise as you define your goals. Now it’s time to define your goal and develop a plan to achieve it.

In this section, we’ll examine how to properly create a plan, and you’ll create the outline of a plan for achieving your new goals. You’ll clearly define your goal and the steps you’ll need to take to achieve it, and we’ll provide coaching and guidance to move you forward.


By the end of this module, you’ll

-   uncover the difference between having a goal and having a plan

-   understand why having a too-detailed plan can stop you from getting to your goal

-   create a clear definition of what your goal is

-   list all the major steps you need to take to achieve your goal

-   develop a high-level plan for moving forward

-   work on your plan for achieving your goal

-   use the techniques you learned in part 2 to move you past any obstacles that come up

Part 3B: Support Coaching Sessions (3 weeks)

For these 3 weeks, we'll be executing the plan. I will be coaching and supporting you, and will be an accountability partner as you progress.