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The Successful Retiree

The Winning Retirement Playbook for Health, Happiness & Purpose


The simple 3-part roadmap to find meaning, manage health and find your purpose in retirement.


I coach retirees to help them live fulfilling, healthy, and purposeful lives.

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The 5 Simple Steps to Start Living a Life of Passion, Purpose and Fulfillment


Do you feel stuck in a rut or depressed and don't know why?


Are you missing the passion for life you once had?

Do you procrastinate on taking action on going after new dreams and goals?

Do you have a dream that you want to pursue, but don't know where to begin?

Do you want to feel fulfilled in your life but don’t know how to do it?

Unfortunately, for many retirees, the happy dreams of retirement have either not materialized or have disappeared and all that’s left is a boring, empty life. You feel cut off from the life you used to know, from the social connections, and from having a ‘real’ reason to get out of bed in the morning. You may even find your life a lot more stressful.


The retired life that your parents had no longer exists for many reasons, but you can create a rich, full life to replace that. The retirees of today are the pioneers of a new type of retirement, one that offers more happiness and fulfillment, and like all pioneers, the going can be tough. Having a guide to point you in the right direction, to provide you with the tools and skills to navigate this new world, and to help you through the difficult times can make all the difference. This is what I provide, and the first step is to help you find your purpose in this new life.


  • Waking up in the morning excited about working on your new goals and dreams.


  • Looking forward to visiting the grand-kids or going on a dream vacation.


  • Knowing that you can make an impact with  your skills and talents.


  • Having the focus and energy to do the things you love.

Once you find your purpose, you, your loved ones, and the world will be better off because you went on this journey.

Let me help you find your purpose, passion, and vision, so that you can live a happy, healthy, and thriving life.

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