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The Successful Retiree

Picture of Barry Alder with folded arms

I coach retirees to help them create new online businesses so they can live fulfilling, healthy, and purposeful lives.

Do you have the 3 critical skills you need to start an online business? Find out with my free PDF guide

  • Looking for some extra income?

  • Do your days seem humdrum?

  • Do you miss the comradery with the co-workers that you once had?

  • Do you feel out of touch with your family and friends?

  • Do you long to be “doing something”, and yet don’t want to, or can’t, return to the working world you knew?


It's time to shake things up and create an online business!

An online business lets you:

  • Generate extra income for more “financial freedom”

  • Spend time doing something that excites you

  • Make new connections with others who have the same interests as you

  • Improve your relationships with family and friends

  • Be in control of the hours and days that you want to “work”

  • Go after the dreams that you had earlier in life

  • Find your purpose in life

AND you can do this regardless of:

  • What your health is like

  • Where you live

  • What your education level is

Welcome to a new chapter of your retirement – one filled with excitement, purpose, and financial freedom.

You may think this isn’t for you because you feel like you don't know enough, or it’s too late in life, or it’s too complicated, or any one of many other reasons.


This simply isn’t true!


Having a successful online business isn't rocket science.

With my technical, business, life coach skills, and teaching background I can help you create an online business that will bring the life, excitement, and satisfaction you desire back into your life.

Let me guide you through the technology traps, the marketing circuses, and the planning cycles to create your successful online business.

Getting started is easy and my free guide will show you the 3 critical skills you need.

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