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We recently moved to a new house, and it got me thinking about all the changes I’ve had in my life. Moving certainly causes changes, be it for home or for career. Sometimes it appears that these changes are forced on us, and this is true with this pandemic. But one of the things I’ve noticed for me is that every change ultimately puts me in a better place. This is easy to see when I was the one causing or choosing to change. It’s more difficult to see when change appears to come from outside. At times like that it can appear that it’s all bad, but if you look closer, you will almost always see an opportunity to move to something better. This current pandemic has forced me to work from home, but that has allowed me more time to pursue my passions and to work on a career change.

So, if you’re in the middle of a change that you did not cause, step back and take a closer look at where you are now. Maybe you’ve been given a chance to improve your life in a way that you never thought of before. Find the silver lining to the dark cloud.

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