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Why You Should Avoid the “Experts”

Hold your horses before you go all-in on the expert train for your online business venture. Let me lay down some real talk about why you might want to pump those brakes.

Experts? Yeah, they might know their ABCs about the online world, but they're often light-years ahead. They might not grasp the starting line you're at or the limited resources you're juggling. And often, they may be using terms and concepts you don’t yet understand, leaving you lost and confused.

And here's the kicker: nobody gets your business dream like you do. You've got that spark, that vision – and no expert can replicate that. They might chuck textbook advice at you, but will it match your style? Hmm, maybe not.

Now, picture this: joining a like-minded group. It's like finding your tribe. Folks who get where you're coming from, who've been in the same boat. Sharing ideas, swapping stories, cheering each other on – it's like a mastermind for success.

Learning the ropes yourself? It's like embarking on an epic adventure. Each hiccup turns into a lesson, every victory feels like a fist-pump moment. Experts? They could swoop in and snatch away those "aha" experiences, my friend.

So, the next time someone raises that "expert" banner, hit pause and trust your instincts. Your online business journey is your masterpiece, and you, my friend, are the artist. Now, go rock that canvas and show the world your brilliance! 🚀


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